brackets and schedules

As schedules are always subject to change, please be sure to reference the most recent schedule by confirming the schedule date in the top right hand corner. Please confirm times and dates if there are any questions.

Most schedules are available in both MS Excel and Adobe Reader (PDF) formats.

River's Edge Official Schedules

Looking for Soccer City schedules?
Adult Soccer Excel PDF      
Coed Fridays MS Excel Icon PDF Icon updated: 06/04 02:24PM
Mens Monday 40+ MS Excel Icon updated: 07/06 02:05PM
Adult Flag Football      
Mens Flag Football Friday MS Excel Icon updated: 07/26 04:20PM
Mens Flag Football Sundays MS Excel Icon PDF Icon updated: 07/19 01:12PM

Official Brackets

Note: Many computers will already have the necessary software installed to view PDF documents. If yours does not, please follow this link and install the Adobe Reader. To view the Excel version of a schedule, you will need to use Microsoft Office or a free alternative such as Libre Office or Google Docs.